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My Organs Lying on the Ground  私の横たわる内臓 2024 発表予定

Stop-motion animation.

Directed by Shinobu Soejima 


​Sound Effect by Masumi Takino

監督 アニメーション 脚本 副島しのぶ

音楽 未定

​効果音 滝野ますみ

“My Organs Lying on the Ground” is a stop motion animated film which is based on the Japanese folk belief called “Tainai Kuguri”- a ritual ceremony to go through a cave, grass ring or the interior of a large Buddhistic statue to experience rebirth. The Japanese word “Tainai (womb)“ not only refers to the internal organs, but also to the special empty space carved inside a Buddhist statue. It is the place where all life forms begin, a mysterious, somehow dark, infinite void, like a resting place after death. There, the boundary between life and matter dissolves, and the outer and inner worlds are repeatedly inverted. This work will be screened in cinema and as a video installation work in art galleries.


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